Frequently Asked Questions


2446 Koa Ave. Honolulu HI 96815


Surfboard Rentals

  • What are the business hours?

    6:30am-8:30pm Summer (April – December)
    7:00am-8:30pm Winter(December – March)

  • What is the cost to rent a short board or long board?

    The rental fee for short boards and long boards is the same. (1 hour/$7 2 hours/$14  half day (6hours)/$20 1 day (24 hours)/$30 2 days/$50 For rentals longer than 2 days, each additional day is 10$)

  • What is the cost to rent a stand-up paddle board (SUP)?

    1 hour/$14 2 hours/$28 half day (6 hours)/$35 1 day(24hours)/$45 2 days/$60 For rentals longer than 2 days, each additional day is 15$.

  • What is the cost to rent a bodyboard?

    1 hour/$4 2 hours/$8 half day (6 hours)/$10 1 day(24hours)/$15 2 days/$20 For rentals longer than 2 days, each additional day is 5$.

  • What does the bodyboard rental fee include?

    Fins are included with a bodyboard rental if the appropriate size is available.

  • What does the board rental fee include?

    All board rentals include one leash per board.

  • How can I reserve a board?

    Reservations are accepted by telephone or email.

  • What is the minimum length of time for which I can reserve a board?

    Reservations can be made for 1-day rentals or longer.

  • Please explain about 2-day rentals…

    For 2-day rentals or longer, you can change boards at any time.

  • What will I need for a 2-day rental?

    At the time of rental, we will hold on to your ID or make a copy of your ID.

  • Will I be charged a fee to exchange an SUP board rental for a long board or short board?

    If you rent an SUP board you can exchange it for a long board, short board, or body board at any time, free of charge.

  • Will I be charged a fee to exchange a long board or short board rental for an SUP board?

    For an extra 10$ fee per day, you can exchange a short board or long board for an SUP.

  • Can I keep the board at my hotel?

    Please inform the staff ahead of time that you wish to keep the board at your hotel. *There is no additional fee.

  • What happens if I return my board late?

    The hourly fee for each board will be charged on any late returns. *A penalty fee may also be charged depending on the case.

  • Can I rent a surf rack and take the board by car to surf at various points on the island?

    Yes. The fee for a surf rack is 8$ per day. Please ask the staff for advice regarding surf points, etc.

  • Is there a changing room?

    There is a changing room for customers inside the shop.

  • What time can I pick up or return a board?

    You can pick up or return a board at any time during business hours.

  • Where will I store the board?

    For daily rentals, a name tag will be provided. Please make sure to affix your name tag to the board. Boards without name tags may be rented out to other customers.

  • Is there a place to keep my belongings?

    Please ask the staff to store valuable belongings behind the counter. All other belongings can be stored on the shop’s storage rack. We are not responsible for any belongings left on the rack, so please bring only necessary items.

Surf Lessons

  • What time do surf lessons start?

    Surf lessons are available from 7am to 5pm.

  • What do I need for a surf lesson?

    Only a bathing suit and towel.

  • What does the lesson fee include?

    A surf board and a rash guard.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    Credit cards, cash, and traveler’s checks are accepted for payment.

  • Will a first-timer be able to catch a wave?

    99% of first-timers catch a wave. Our instructors will teach you in a friendly manner.

  • What is the maximum number of people for a group lesson?

    In order to ensure safety, the maximum number of students per surf instructor is 4.

  • What about children?

    *For children between 8 and 12 years old, we recommend private (1 student per instructor) or semi private (2 students per instructor) lessons.

  • Please tell me about group lessons…

    Group lessons have 3 or 4 students. In case of groups of 5 people or more, the group will be divided into 2 groups for your safety. (1 hour/$40 2 hours/$80)

  • What is a semi-private lesson?

    2 students are taught by 1 instructor. (1 hour/$60 2 hours/$120)

  • What is a private lesson?

    1 student is taught by 1 instructor. (1 hour/$80 2 hours/$140)
    Please return to the shop after your lesson and inform the staff if you wish to take another lesson or rent a board.

  • Who is responsible for lost or damaged boards?

    The customer is responsible for any damage or lost boards.
    *Please inquire with your travel insurance or credit card insurance provider beforehand.

Surf Guide

  • What service does the surf-guide offer?

    2 courses are available: half-day course (4hours) $80, 1-day course (8 hours) $120.
    The guide will select a surf point according to daily surf conditions and the participant’s level.
    On a 1-day course, the guide will take participants to any desired sights if time allows. Please inform us by email of the sights you’d like to visit.

  • What is included in the surf guide fee?

    The fee includes a rental board and a rash guard. In general, it does not include a surf lesson.

  • What is the minimum number of people required to reserve a surf guide?

    Reservations are accepted for 1 person or more. Please make 1-person reservations at least 3 days ahead of time.

  • Where is the meeting place?

    Tour participants shall meet at Moku Hawaii.

  • What happens in case of rain?

    Surf tours are conducted on rainy days a well, though it may be cancelled due to severe conditions.

*Above prices do not include tax.