Surf Lesson

Surf Lesson

Surf lessons for all levels. Full 2 hour surf lesson.

Surf Lessons Honolulu HI

Surf Lessons are held at the best surfing point on that day.
100% success rate on the stand up surfing lessons for beginners. We will help you create positive surfing experiences and memories in Hawaii.

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■Group Lessons
$40 – 1 hour
$80 – 2 hours
■Semi Private Lessons
$60 – 1 hour
$120 – 2 hours
■Private Lessons
$80 – 1 hour
$135 – 2 hours

Lesson 1

Surfing Lessons Honolulu HI

Mr. & Mrs. OO are from Mie, Japan. This is their first time surfing; however, they have experience wakeboarding so there should be no problem.

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However, wakeboarding and surfing are totally different sports. First, they learn the basic movement at the shop. Instructor: “It is important to balance yourself”. The lesson will last about 10 minutes. Then, they go to the beach with the board. *The board is included in the lesson fee.

Surf Shop Honolulu HI

The waikiki beach is just 1 minute away from the Moku shop. Mr. OO: “I’m getting nervous…”

Affordable Surf Lessons Honolulu HI

Now they’re surfing for the first time. The water in Hawaii is so nice and blue that it feels good just floating there. Instructor: “OK, the nice wave is coming. Go paddle paddle!”

Surfing Shop Honolulu HI

Mrs. OO caught the wave. Now she tries to stand up.

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Uh oh, the first challange was not successful. However, she rode the wave, so now she learns how to stand up.

Surf Lessons Honolulu HI

Mrs. OO: “I was shocked. It is very difficult.” The instructor will help you ride the wave, so don’t worry!

Surfing Guide Honolulu HI

Mr. OO is having a hard time going out to shore because he chose the fun board, which is a shorter board. Mr. OO: “I didn’t think it would be this difficult. I’m getting tired now… “

Surf Lessons Honolulu HI

Mrs. OO is riding the wave again. Now she tries to stand up.

Surf Lessons Honolulu HI

All right! She is standing on the board and surfing now! This is the best time when you surf.

Surf Lesson Honolulu HI

How was it? Mrs. OO: “I was just trying and realized I was standing up. It was fun!”

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Mr. OO decided to try with a long board. Riding a fun board is difficult for beginners. After changing the board, here comes the chance to ride again.

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Yay, he is standing up now. Congratulations!

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They both enjoyed surfing lessons. Please come to the shop again. Mr. OO: “I’m so tired, but I’m glad that I was able to stand up. Thank you very much.” Mrs. OO: “I’m exhausted. ” Mission accomplished.